I am honored to work with the Arts Council New Orleans again on a very special project. As we inch closer to New Orleans’ Tri-Centennial celebration in 2018, The Arts Council has been ramping their own celebration with LUNA Féte. 

LUNA (Light Up NOLA Arts) Féte is a visionary initiative created by the Arts Council New Orleans to utilize our city’s iconic architecture as the canvas for contemporary light installation, motion graphics, and video mapping practices to create a series of artistic large-scale outdoor architectural projection mapping installations across the city leading up to New Orleans’ 2018 Tri-Centennial celebrations.

And during this, I will take 20 participants on a Night Photowalk through the artistically lit New Orleans landscape as the city will be lit by these one of a kind installations and interactive displays. With cameras and tripods in hand, we will visit at least 5 installations that are part of  This event is FREE but limited to 20 participants on ONE NIGHT ONLY. We will have a security guard walking with the group.

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I see this as a unique what for amateurs and pros to begin documenting the city as we celebrate 300 years of the most unique art, culture, and uniqueness any city in the world has ever  known. We are a young city, in the course of humanity, but we have an identity that must be protected and celebrated. f8 and Be There, Shoot for the Wall…whatever your motto is – turn on your cameras and tell the story of New Orleans like never before….