Cold Storage / by SuperDee

I dig Airline Highway. I take that old Hwy 61 if I have some time to kill when I go west - and my eyes are never on the road. They wander. Looking for new locations, new photos and the such. And every time I went by the early part of the highway, there stood: a delapidated doorway to the sinking dirt road, under the bridge, to where? Cold Storage. The sign that read "New Orleans Cold Storage" stood oddly close to the road, on one side of the railroad tracks. The road that lead to the Storage sunk eerily under the tracks and into the woods.

So of course I decided to pull down, my curiosities got the better of me as they always do. And as I emerged from the hill, rows and rows of storage warehouses. Very boring. The sign was way cooler. So I began to shoot it.

The film I had on me that day was some C-41 color film, and my Holga. I shot it up, double and triple exposed the sign, and the Depth Gauge. I guess it flooded alot there. And instead of processing it straight, I cross processed it. And here is the result.

The sad thing is, this sign is no longer there calling to HWY 61 passerbys. A new road, paved flat, no dip, and no mystery. Enjoy these images of the recent past...