Los Angeles / by SuperDee

The first and only time I visited Los Angeles was last November. I needed a break from my tree cutting, refrigerator pussage, hurting city - a well needed and deserved respite from what the Great Storm was doing to my psyche and well being. So, I decided to hop on tour with Surprise Me Mr. Davis, a unique and rocking band made up of The Slip, and Mr. Nathan Moore. As I said I needed a break, so and 11 day 10 show tour from Seattle to San Diego was just what the doctor ordered.

The stop in L.A. was a two day stop, so I got a cab from Laurel Canyon (didn't Zappa live there?) to the Strip to get my dose. And it was bizarre. And since you didn't get a photo of the week last week, i'll show you my Strip shots as a series instead of words. ...enjoy