Voodoo Fest / by SuperDee

Hey folks - I know I have skipped a few weeks in sending my photo of the week - and I do my best to make it up with some spankin' new pics, new news for all you photo lovers out there.

This past weekend City Park played host to the highest attended Voodoo Fest to date. Very cool - thanks to all of you who came out and rocked, and spent yer dollars in New Orleans. The music was incredible - notably - Broken Social Scene, The Flaming Lips, Morning 40 Federation, Brazilian Girls, and Jamie Lidell. If even one of these names don't sound familiar and you're curious...google baby google.

This installment of the POW is a mix-mash-best-of from Voodoo Weekend both on stage and off. And if you think it's kind of a tease, well, it is. The full spreads will be seen in magazines not yet determined... so keep in touch and until then, enjoy. - Zack