APOSTA DEI / by Zack Smith

So i'm going to put up a post erry day. I do some interesting things sometimes.

Last week was insane - Austin, SXSW, BACK FOR 4 shoots in 3 days.

SXSW was insane, (again) - got there late Tuesday night, slept on a floor college style, surrounded by dried pizza crusts, coke cans, and stale beer smell. Reminded me of my days on GSRI @ LSU, living downwind of the poo poo plant. And living w/ Kyle Nash for good measure.

Rotary gigged that night at the so-called PASTE magazine showcase, where there was no signs, no magazines, or no rep's from the magazine. Great job guys. But we had 50 or so folks there, good nola cats and some bay area friends.

The next day i played percussion with White Bitch at Noon, then Rotary had a 3pm gig, then a 6pm gig. i ate some BBQ and hit the wall. Slept for 12 hours, and flew back to NOLA w/ Chris.

Friday night when i got back to nola, i was dropped off at the CAC to shoot the heralded Master of Laptop Electro Music - Carl Stone.

...and yes, that was him, for an hour. at the computer. If i was on some drugs it would have been a great show. i would have picked mushrooms. But i couldnt' stay, i was off to the Dirty Coast Fashion show to photograph models wearing nothing but DC gear...cut up, falling off, and damn sexy.

The next day, SAT, was two weddings back to back - from 10am - 10pm - and after that i was beat down fo sho.

Sunday was chillin at Chaz n Claires bebe shower. Yeah, i guess we're getting older, going to baby showers, weddings and the such. im getting older too, but not goin there yet.