Snooks Eaglin 2nd Line Funeral / by Zack Smith

2 greats in 2 days...has this happened before? Two New Orleans icons, having their 2nd line funerals back to back. Well, if you live in New Orleans, it is not to surprising considering the giants of the music scene that have passed only in the recent year. The days are rolling along, time is taking our masters and our teachers: our inspiration. I am here for only a few reasons, and they all have to do with the LIVING HISTORY of this is passed down, its breathed, its sounds are ricocheted from Treme homes and sent to my ears ..which then moves my feet.

Fird "Snooks" Eaglin passed on February 14th, 2008. He was one of those living cultural icons, that would amaze you and astonish you at what talent he had.

here's an idea:

always teaching, always jokin...but a truly a talent.

Here are some images from his VERY traditional 2nd line funeral. I did some audio interviews that i will release shortly when i finish editing them