Busy Bird - taking flight / by Zack Smith

It's been a while blogosphere - mainly because i have been so busy w/ my photography business. I have been working w/ a slew of new, exciting musicians, did a cover of Widespread Panic for RELIX in march, played Bonnaroo again w/ my band Rotary Downs (who's now writing new material, oh yeas), teaching alot at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, and about to embark on a well needed journey.

A new client had me in Vegas two times last month, and now, will be shooting two swank parties in Los Angeles this week. I am going to meet up w/ friends to photograph them (bringing the Hassie), and then head to San Fransisco to do the same. I am also going to photograph the almost ready, Preservation Hall West (not sure if that's the real name yet...) while im out there, thanks BenTomRon.

After 2 days, its off to the Dominican Republic to spend a full week and half in over 4 cities, w/ a list of great contacts that grows thanks to my friends Beth (southcoast stud) and Arlyn (northcoast stud) - what started as a vacation to get out the US for a while (havn't been out for myself since 2000) turned into a hustling travel concept to document the people (i'll never take a break) i will be photographing artists, musicians, and up and coming baseball players...things are lining up now. I am shipping everything back to NOLA except my Hasselblad, a pair of jeans/shorts and some shirts. I hope to come back w/ a nice set of work i'll show somewhere...

in the meantime, here's some new work over the last months...

Quintron/Miss Pussycat, Alex Bosworth, Linnzi Zaorski, GIVERS

thanks for reading, stay in touch.