Alter Ego Portraits / by Zack Smith

yeah, we had a crew that rolled deep. Mandy, Melani, Marisa, JR and family all helped out make this weird idea in my head a reality. a Few years ago i realized that there were too many ideas i had to do alone - and there was no way to keep em up there. I used to never ask for help, just do it alone - now, seeing my results of a new way - realize i do need people around me.

This shoot was months in the making. Once i had the idea i had a team, and them models/friends to help me flesh it out. Friends came in costume, in alter egos, and bore their soul in damn near cold freezin water, for fun, for art, for the document.

I'll be picking up the film soon, and there's a few ideas floating around on what to do with and i think you'll be surprised.