2012 - Never have i been more psyched. / by Zack Smith

I feel as if the gears are already turning - the end of the year signifying continuing ideas, momentum and opportunities. Already i have 2 new photography portrait shows in the works at two very unique venues in New Orleans. Stay Tuned to online outlet information centers (FB, twitter, ya get it).

I am also embarking on a full teaching schedule at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, the academy i have been teaching at and working at since i got here in 2000. I am offering many classes that range from beginner to advanced. Check it out at that link up there.

I am also pretty fired up about the new group i am drumming with, Sunrise:Sunset:. - getting back to my rock roots w/ this one. Our next gig is Jan. 5th at ...yes, Checkpoint Charlies. Cant wait.