Fifi Mahoney's Portraits / by Zack Smith

one thing i love about living and creating in New Orleans is that you don't have a shortage of talented and creative folks and friends right where you need them. My friends who run/own the uber cool Fifi Mahoney's whig shop and One Eyed Jacks tapped Zack Smith Photography to do their very style specific portraits for an ad they were creating for Mardi Gras.

As usual, time was running against us so execution of this photo shoot was crucial to getting them the image they needed in a short manner of time. I like to shoot it right the 1st time and leave myself little editing later - so location, lighting, and models were key in getting this job done the right way.

We had some amazing help by Ryan offering up the club, Jamie Gandy and company being pro's at looking great and Marcy at Fifi's donning them's one excerpt: