It's only Tuesday every where else / by Zack Smith

What a day. for those that know, you know. those that don't, let me open a crack of a window.

things in my life are very good - very whole and very positive. Nothing got me here by chance - it's all about what has come before and what has made there's a lot of folks who have been positive influences in my life - mentors, uncles, aunts, parents...the sort. But it's the friends, the community in New Orleans, the Runnin' Podnahs, the conspirators...that have made me what i am. You know who you are.

But, i'll single out one. Libby Nevinger. Your keen eye, your disposition on your reality you photographed, in a way, made me always look at what i was doing. I looked at you for some sort of ground - because - you ALWAYS seemed to know what was going step ahead. I have always respected you for, you. I will always live with your smile after you took a photo. Priceless. Never too late to say that too the world.