TONIGHT - Ogden After Hours - photos/reading/rocking / by Zack Smith


I am honored to have been one of the principal photographers in the new book: "New Orleans: the Underground Guide" (UNO PRESS) and will be showing some prints at the OGDEN Museum as part of a live show, and interview session tonight!

...celebrates a "literary musicians" theme via "New Orleans: the Underground Guide" (UNO Press).

Artists both reading and playing music include:

Mike Williams (eyehategod - author of "Cancer as a Social Activity")

Tenthwardbuck (bounce legend, author of "The Definition of Bounce")

Ratty Scurvics (black market butchers)

James Marler (rotary downs)

Luke Allen (happy talk)

Gwendolyn Knapp (green demons)

Michel Patrick Welch

PLUS photography from the "Underground Guide" by Zack Smith and Jonathan Traviesa.

"Underground Guide" maestro Michael Patrick Welch will briefly interview all of these artists, plus read from his new novel "Y'all's Problem" (Dirty Coast) and show videos from his rap/literacy class.

Also part of Ogden After Hours:

O Bar: Full bar with a specialty cocktail of the month

O Fun: Kid's Art Activity Table

O Yum: Miss Linda's Soul Food Catering