Year of the Album Cover... / by Zack Smith

ALready? yeah and it's only March! - i have had the honor of working and CREATING new and exciting images for so many musicians over the years and i always love when we collaborate on a cover. If it's for CD or especially vinyl, the gears start rolling and the creative synapse begin firing - it's really hard to think of or do anything else productive but to imagine how the final product will look and how it will happen.

I just recently shot 4 artists who will be using the images for covers, and the first one is out...

Debbie Davis - "It's not the Years its the Miles" -

The cool thing about this image is that we both came up with this from the ground up. The airplane belongs to Red Lerille, one of the greatest men alive, friend of my grandfather (Paul Fournet RIP) - my father, and family. The hanger is in Lafayette, near the site of my grandfathers airport (FBO) he started in the 50's. This is a very special image to me because of him and i thank Debbie for creatively getting us there.