Drumtography During Jazz Fest...my time of year... / by Zack Smith

Wow, this year flew. I can always gauge how i have been doing creatively, photographically, and musically right around April, and especially when Festival Season begins in New Orleans. It always start with French Quarter Fest - as a staff photographer again this year i had a great time seeing through some new ideas and a new approach to shooting the festival. I had my good friend, and long time assistant Tamara Grayson (back in town from S. Korea for 2 years!!!) for two days and my current assistant Mandy Thomas for two days, doing diffused/lit portraits all over the Quarter and Riverfront. Now, this Thursday starts my Jazz Fest - as staff photographer, shooting every day at the fest and drumming w/ Rotary Downs and Sunrise:Sunset: a total of...5 gigs throughout....opening Chaz Fest on Wednesday May 2nd w/ Sunrise:Sunset: doing 3 night gigs w/ Rotary Downs and opening the Acura Stage on Sunday May 6th. And aside from that, just this year, i have been slammed and creatively challenged having finished album covers and CD/LP artwork for: Debbie Davis, Luke Winslow-King, Rock City Morgue, Helen Gillet, and The Como Mamas (Daptone Records). things are good, really good - music is my life on many levels and i couldn't see myself living and working in another city than New Orleans. We work well together. I am also showing PHOTOGRAPHY all over the city - well, downtown that is. I have my current show still at The Three Muses on Frenchmen and now new portraits up at Scott Edwards Gallery - they will be open all during Jazz Fest. If you can't make it out there - come to a Rotary Downs SHOW or stop me as i am cruising the Fairgrounds w/ my cameras....see you on the other side.