New Orleans at its finest. / by Zack Smith

Whew - what a festival's not REALLY over yet, but when i finish up w/ Bayou Country Super Fest this weekend in Baton Rouge, it will be. April is always nuts for me - i have been a staff photographer for French Quarter Fest for the last 3 years, and The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival for the last 5 years. Both are demanding in their own way - early mornings, long hot/wet days, and long nights editing. Usually if i have a gig w/ one of my bands, it makes for a rough day, and sometimes a rougher next day if ya know what i mean. I usually get one weekend to rest in between festivals, but this year was different - i got a call from the New Orleans Tourism and Marketing Corporation to work on a new website - Follow Your NOLA - it's almost up now. It was a very time consuming but rewarding task: i had 5 categories i had to photograph a total of 47 different locations featuring restaurants, venues, museums, galleries, portraits and more - in 5 days. I love these kinds of things, challenging, time sensitive projects - just like studying in school - "oh, test tomorrow? gotta study!" i took the challenge on alone, i needed help, but when i get on a deadline and have to run around like a crazy person...i wouldn't want to be around me. The project was a success and i say, bring it on lets do it again. Now i am in the planning phases of working w/ many new and long time clients - new promotion/album photography for Sweet Crude, and Cindy Scott. A Fall campaign for my friend Anne Cassidy's clothing line C-Major, and a new client i am excited about - Krewe du Optic - a classy, very New Orleans sunglass company started by a local artist, Stirling Barrett. I am also offering more classes at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art this summer! Digital 101, NOLA at Night, and Intermediate Digital. Oh yeah, and i am also starting to compile my own stock photos for agencies and my own company AND a new line of Zack Smith Photography t-shirts are being printed up...Look Out... See you on the Streets Z