Location, Location, Location / by Zack Smith

It really is true. Reminds me of an Alex McMurray song by the same name - LLL (the 3-L) is even epitomized in song - I take serious pride in location - it's the entity that makes yours photographs sing, or it's the elephant in the room. You feel it if its right, and it's 4 walls closing in FAST if you are wrong...but it's not that easy to find - you can't just throw a good looking person in a prime location - they both have to agree. Just like "Verb/Subject Agreement" - there's subject/foreground/background agreement... In the last 7 days i've been around and shooting ALOT at some stellar spot, thanks to alot of folks that are helping make my images last. Here's a little scout of my last few shoots... The Batture Houses on the banks of the Mississippi River (thanks Marci!), New Orleans Rum Distillery (thanks Jason!), Falstaff Brewery Apts rooftop! (thanks Dave), Pierre Part, LA - home of the Driftwood Man (Adam Morales!), Alma Sugar Plantation/Refinery in Lakeland, LA (thanks Olivia and Julie!) and the oldest 'house' in the French Quarter c.1722! (thanks Peter!) Most done for KREWE du Optic, and Honey Island Swamp band...ok, some test shots!