Photographing for VICE Magazine in New Orleans you never know who you'll meet... / by Zack Smith


Yes, i do get to meet exciting people with my camera. I think its one of the perks of being a photographer, of being a photographer in New Orleans especially. My good buddy, co-conspirator in publishing and music, Michael Patrick Welch, has gotten on a really good tear writing article for VICE Magazine. Check out his new one on THE Tony Clifton. If you don't know who Tony is, read up, because if you were born in the 60's or love Andy Kaufman, you will know who he is. The other guy in the story is a good buddy Jeremy Johnson, we we all miss dearly in NOLA - i got to hang w/ MPW, Jeremy and Tony at Vaughn's Lounge for this shoot, and Tony is a funny, good guy. Read on~