Summer Move - NOAFA, music, and portraits and new studio... / by Zack Smith

BROMOILS ON A HOT TIN SHED This summer has been so blazing hot with work and new opportunities i haven't realized it was hot! Yeah right - it's friggin hot here. But i do notice a light breeze at my back since i bought a house in Chalmette a few weeks ago w/ Helen. The house is great, and the kicker is the shed for my studio, lounge, and darkroom. I recently went to the northshore to meet up with an old friend and fellow Academy instructor, Sam Urrate - one of the most creative minds i've known. Sam taught me how to Bromoil in around 2003, and i left Covington on that visit with his old darkroom set to get back into it. I'm stoked... Quarter Sounds and Rebirth:
I can't wait to get back. I have a series i am going to explore that i have been shooting for years now - stay tuned... 10 years at the Academy I just finished up a great Intermediate Digital SLR class at The New Orleans Academy of Fine Art and had to sit and reflect on 10 years of teaching there and 13 years of working there - i started as a darkroom tech filling up chemicals, cleaning and repairing enlargers in 2000 - the first year i got to New Orleans. I was given a job by Victoria Ryan whom i had met earlier that summer, at RMSP in Missoula, Montana. It is a joy to see people learn their camera and "get it" while learning the technical side as it works w/ the creative side. I have seen over the years some great work that has come out of NOAFA - on the 2D and 3D levels. Just an FYI - we will have our annual Faculty Show in September, come on by, it's always some great work. OK! some new work for you..... Honey Island Swamp Band shot at ALMA Plantation, Cindy Scott (amazing singer!), Gwen Thompkins (Music Inside Out radio host)some Tales from the Cocktail Events, and City Greens.
AND that last shot is of me w/ Alexis Marceaux and Sam Craft of Sweet Crude, Alexis and the Samurai and other my Preservation Hall opening last October. I just got these from my friend Erika Goldring