Flowtribe, NOAFA Faculty Show, CAC movie, CIVIC Theater / by Zack Smith

Bring it on September. It's a fact that the summer months are slow except the filter on your pool..or your strain to itch a mosquito bite. These last few weeks of August were very slow - i got the chance to clean up my studio/shed make some pitch emails here and there for my book, Exit Stage Right.

I had a nice little shoot with the Zion Harmonizers right before their gig at The U.S. Mint. The shoot was VERY quick...lasted about 20 minutes - but i managed to get off 2 rolls of film, 2 - 4x5 portraits and about 120 digitals before they had to sound check. I think we got some good stuff. I never like to rush jobs like this, but it was a favor/trade and i was set up early enough and had a game plan, not unlike any other shoot.



I was asked by KC from the local band Flowtribe to document their show at Tipitina's tonight. I am looking forward to getting back to shooting live music after along hiatus, and i have some fun ideas i want to do tonight. For the past few years i have photographed their promo photography, and now am going back to the live shows...something i used to do 6 nights out of the week from around 2002-2005...i tell you, i don't miss the long nights, but do miss the unmatchable energy of a live show...and speaking of live shows...


I am honored to be shooting as the Civic Theater's house photographer for their inaugural concert series. This theater is a state of the art, 1,100 cap venue, with the most incredible sight lines, art, and lighting i have ever seen..what an intimate spot - and a great start back at shooting live music..something i got my start on over 10 years ago in NOLA. I am excited to document the music as well as the personality of the venue and it's events...Empire of the Sun, The Black Crowes, Russel Brand, Robert Cray...and many more.

NOAFA Faculty Show

And yet another year goes by....
As i proudly check my roll to see i will be teaching full classes in the Fall semester at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art, i am more excited to be able to attend the Faculty Show this Saturday, September 7th at 6pm. I will be showing two pieces from the opening of my book release, portraits from "Exit Stage Right" - i never get to attend these openings, i am either shooting, playing, shooting, or playing..you know.

Contemporary Art Center - "City of Memory" a film by Robert Adanto

After i hit the NOAFA show, i will race over to the CAC to catch a film in progress by Robert Adanto. Robert interviewed me, and many other NOLA artists affected by Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood and made a film about it - i am looking forward to seeing old friends and cohorts...