HOW TO TUESDAY'S #3 - Tis the Season! Portrait Lighting Made Easy: Photograph great portraits in any situation! / by Zack Smith Photography

Hello everyone! I first want to apologize for getting your edition of "HOW TO TUESDAY'S" out so late. I had a two day job this week that had me up early and working late. I will do better next week getting this to your inbox before noon so you can get started shooting.

Portrait Lighting Made Easy - Studio on the Geaux Holiday style!

Getting the family portrait right this month can be as crucial as how long to keep the oyster dressing in the oven. Whether you are about to shoot your own family holiday card photos or have been deemed "Thanksgiving Photographer", then this Zack Smith Photography HOW TO TUESDAY photo technique is for you. 

All you aspiring photographers out there will find these following techniques helpful as well as you begin to book more head shots and portrait commissions to round out your growing business. 

If you remember last weeks HTT on "Letting the Subject set the Settings", you can start setting your camera up for any portrait shoot before the situation arises. But let's make our starting point real easy and find a shaded area where the SUBJECT is in the SAME LIGHT as the BACKGROUND. This easy tip can help you get an even exposure throughout your shot so that there will be little editing of your RAW files and you will be able to see your end result pretty much straight out of the camera.



By choosing a shallow depth of field (f 3.5, f 2.8 and lower) you can blur out the background and make the viewers eyes go right to your subject. Let's look at a few more from my archives. Remember : SAME LIGHT ON SUBJECT AND BACKGROUND





You can use that same technique and apply it to portraits in the direct sun, making sure your subject is still in the SAME light as your BACKGROUND...



I guarantee these simple techniques will assist you out in your holiday portrait photography duties. Remember the key to ultimately SEE like your camera sees is to hit the street and practice these techniques. That's it for this week!

Keep Shooting for the Wall!