HOW TO TUESDAY'S #4 - Can You Afford to Be Creative? Digital Photography and the Evolution of the Business Side of Creativity / by Zack Smith Photography

I still feel that my calling to photography is stronger than ever. My desire to use the camera as a tool to tell a story is continuing to evolve as is my ability to communicate with my subject.  What I wasn't expecting was the amount of computer work, accounting, and file management that goes with it all. In my early days of film photography I found solace and a wellspring of creativity in the darkroom. I just do not get the same "buzz" as I did developing silver prints as I do editing 1000's of images from an event. But that's the trade off right?

Our ability to shoot with these extremely high resolution digital cameras, while storing hundreds of images at at time, gives us the opportunity to take on more clients of our choosing so that we can afford to be creative. In the beginning, my goals and priorities stated that "I could not afford NOT to be creative" so that all resources, time, and energy went to creating. Times do change, for the better though.

With new added responsibilities in life and in business, I find myself investing in more "adult" purchases such as Cloud Storage, Photography Insurance, Web Design, and awesome rolling Pelican Cases (there's some joy in adult decisions!). While these investments certainly won't help me communicate better with my clients and increase my SEO, they will help ease my mind. The more I can compartmentalize the business side of photography then the more I can open up the pathways that help me create with vigor, direction, and purpose. I do feel our True Vision lies within the innate and strong connection to our abilities and the mastery of our skill. Before we can even go there, we need to have a strong foundation that can support responsible creativity - what's the point of making amazingly creative photography if there is no system to protect it, you, and your future?

Think about...and then sleep easy.

So there you have my insights what's been going on inside my head, now I want to show you whats been blasting out of my screen. I want to leave you with a few helpful links on getting your Photography Workflow in a good place that is efficient, non-destructive, and gets you back out on the street shooting. At Zack Smith Photography Workshops we just wrapped up "Just Shoot RAW: Workflow for Photographers" where we talked about how to manage your files (life!) in the Adobe Creative Cloud system using Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW, and Photoshop. So many helpful links and techniques were talked about, some I will share with you here.

COLOR SPACE - which should I choose??

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I also want to stick in a little promotion for a very old friend, photographer and educator, Dave Marx. Dave and I met and became fast friends during the summer of 2000 when we both attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, MT. I can't say enough great things about the training and life experiences I had that summer, but I can say that a few of the dear friends I made there are doing very well at their craft. Dave has made a name for himself as a Lightroom expert and has a wonderful YouTube Channel you should all go check out now...

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Next week: Part 2 of Natural Light Portrait Photography and Mixed Light Portraits