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How To Show All of Your Blog Post History in Squarespace by Zack Smith Photography

I have been blogging actively since May 2006 and I recently was only able to see my last 20 posts!

Since I picked up a camera and started taking it seriously in 1997, I have always been about sharing. Whether my photos were hanging on a wall, in book, or online, I have felt that the story is not completed until it's told. In the summer of 2006 I started a Google Blogger profile and started documenting my life through photographs, words, and links to various things I was interested in. 

Today blogging for me is not only about sharing my stories, it is an ongoing study in how to tell my story the right way. Blogging the "right way" for me today means: researching keywords, trending topics, and creating somewhat of a learning experience for the reader. My blog is my voice. My blog has everything to do with my brand and for the last 4 months in a row I have been posting helpful photography techniques and tips in my weekly segment "How To Tuesday".

So last week when I noticed I could only see my last 20 posts on my blog, I was taken aback! Holy Shit all that hard work and it's not easy to find??! Now, if you do some research you can find older posts by scrolling down the page and clicking the link: Older Posts---> but c'mon!

I couldn't rest easy thinking about anyone that wanted to see my older posts had to really search for it. So, I did what any professional seeking advice would do....I GOOGLED it.

I found a few different links at the top of the thread and while most were helpful, having to scroll through the threads to find the answer took too long so I did the next best thing...I contacted Squarespace Chat and found my answers and it was so easy....

How To Set Up Your Squarespace Blog Archive and See Your Entire Post History!

Sorry for screaming but it's really easy...

1.  Login to your Squarespace Account

how to archive your squarespace blog

2. Click EDIT on your Sidebar Content

3. Select a Content Block, and go to "Archive"

4. Select Your BLOG and Select How you Want It to be displayed!

There are a few ways that you can select your Blog to fall into that side column and I would just say to experiment with a few options and see which one you like

How to tuesday #12 - How you can keep Shooting for the Wall! Top Blogging Platforms that can help you share your work by Zack Smith Photography

If you've ever taken a class from me via the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts or one of my photography workshops, you have most likely heard me say "Shoot for the Wall". These three words have been fueling my inspiration for photography since my early days and since then I have made them my philosophy.

Full frame composition from my recent location scout in Baton Rouge

Full frame composition from my recent location scout in Baton Rouge

The meaning is simple: Since the early days of photography and visual storytelling we have put only our most treasured memories and moments displayed on our walls. The wall contains our most loved family members, our proudest moments, and our visual storyline. So if we only put our best stuff on the wall, why not approach every composition and photography as if it were a front runner to be on that wall?

Shoot For the Wall is a way of life and a way of seeing. Ultimately it is a way of slowing down and breathing in the creative moment and exhaling excellence. Inhale, Exhale, Create.

Since I started this blog back in 2006, I have used this digital medium as my Digital Wall to continue the dialogue that reaches more people than I ever imagined. I still do the occasional fine art show at a gallery or event space as I do feel that the Proof is in the Print (more on that soon...) and good photography should be actually printed and seen the way the photographer saw it. This approach is expensive and very time consuming. Although it is the ultimate Wall for me, I know that I can reach more people and tell more stories with my Blog. Oh, I mean my Digital Wall. Best of all, it's cheap..and sometimes even free. There's no excuse not to start sharing your work now as the digital wall is already built and ready for your moments.


Google Blogger - I started with Google Blogger. It's free, easy to use and there are so many cool templates to choose from. Much of my internet traffic was created here since I would regularly populate this Google Blog with a ton of content...which Google likes!

Squarespace - When I created this website, i migrated (via 301 redirect) all of my blog content over to this site. Even though it is not free (you pay for your Squarespace site and it's features) it's totally worth it. You get all the robust creative features of Squarespace built into your blog. 

Other Blogging Sites:

Tumblr, Word Press, Medium, and Live Journal. 

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