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Zack Smith Interview: Coffee with Kevin of Coast Roast in New Orleans, LA by Zack Smith Photography

I had the pleasure recently of sitting down with Kevin Pedeaux of Coast Roast Coffee to talk shop. I enjoy talking about my photographic journey with those that are following similar paths. Kevin was an avid photographer in New Orleans years ago, even so much as doing the weekend art markets around town and doing well. Here is the full interview from our talk in early September of 2016.

Photographing Louisiana Musicians and Creating Community - Photographing What You Love! by Zack Smith Photography

"Shoot what you love, shoot what you know 'cause no one loves what you love more than you know...bro"

Ain't that the truth! I have always loved a good story, I love hearing that story from people. I play music, I listen to music all the time! Cajun, Zydeco, Rock n Roll - if the spirit moves then i'll follow! I have been chasing and photographing this spirit of music, story, and people the day I picked up a camera. I am always looking for more ways to collaborate with the people I photograph whether it's doing a wild and fun location shoot in a remote swamp, or teaming up with them to promote something we do. As a cultural documentarian through my photography, I can't help but be drawn to the music. That's why I created this promo series for my French Quarter Festival Photography Workshop called "Will You Be Ready..." Where I preview a performer I have shot in the past, talk about that shot and give you some tips on shooting festivals! 

Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers....a FORCE to be reckoned with!

Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers....a FORCE to be reckoned with!

As a staff photographer for French Quarter Festivals, I have many duties and need to be in a few places at once. We have a group of volunteer photographers who have specific stages and work for specific hours. I have certain shows and performances I need to be present for, but the times in between are where I am looking for the magic and ready for anything. It was pouring down rain one day last year and Dwayne Dopsie jumped off stage with his rub board player and continued playing as we walked around the crowd. I was currently away from the Chevron Zydeco/Cajun Stage but I ran through the crowd to get this shot. Since it was so overcast I used my Canon 580EX that was mounted on my 5D Mark III 17-40mm camera/lens. I chose a wide lens so I could capture the moment of music directly in front of me but also the "sea of cell phones" and converging lines of the French Quarter...

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How to use the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop to clean up your images : How To Tuesday #17 by Zack Smith Photography

I am super excited to debut a new format for How To Tuesday : The Video Tutorial. Bare with me in the early stages of this new way of teaching, I may run a little long winded here and there but it's great information!

Today we will go "behind the scenes" on some of my favorite New Orleans festival photographs and show you how to use the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp tools in Photoshop to clean up and get your images ready for web or print. Enjoy!