Landscape and Botanical photography Workshop

Piety Gardens at Crescent Park with horticulturalist Anna Timmerman

Limited to 10 people


Want to improve your landscape, Macro, and botanical photography??

Join photographer Zack Smith as we learn to better your understanding and execution of landscape photography in the lush surroundings of the Piety Gardens at Crescent Park. Joining us on this photo walk will be Anna Timmerman, LSU Ag Center Assistant Extension Agent - Horticulture, Jefferson Parish, who will tell us all about the species of flora that surround us. Anna comes from a strong horticulture background, having worked in production agriculture, sustainable landscaping, historic garden restorations, and urban agricultural education. We will learn so much from Ann while we learn all about macro photography, focus stacking, and how to get the sharpest detail and color out of your landscape and nature photography!

This informative and hands-on photography workshop is not to be missed! The natural landscape of New Orleans is best reflected in the curated gardens of Crescent Park. What better excuse do you have now to learn all about what you are photographing from two New Orleans experts!


 All Images ©Zack Smith - shot at Crescent Park!

All Images ©Zack Smith - shot at Crescent Park!


This class is open to all lovers of landscape, flowers, and macro photography. We will cover how to get the most out of your mirrorless or Digital SLR but will also cover how to get the best shots, find the best flowers, and make every moment count with any camera. We will also cover the best ways to download, archive, keyword and tag your images for proper storage as well as edit!

You do not have to have a Digital SLR for this course.

  All Images ©Zack Smith - shot at Crescent Park!

All Images ©Zack Smith - shot at Crescent Park!



7am -  Photography Lecture at Crescent Park Mandeville Wharf

8:30-11 Piety Gardens Grounds Walk and Shoot with Zack Smith and Lee Rouse!

11:30 - 1p Editing 101 in Lightroom and Photoshop at 5 Press Gallery.


  All Images ©Zack Smith - shot at Crescent Park!

All Images ©Zack Smith - shot at Crescent Park!


We will walk and shoot all along Piety Gardens as we learn from the flora and landscape that surround us. We will be take 4-5 setup photographs of specific plants and flowers using diffusers, macro lenses, and portable lighting to help us capture the color and beauty of nature.

After the walk we will view our images on the big screen and learn some editing tips from Zack!


Please bring your camera, lenses, and a tripod. A macro lens is high suggested to capture the detail of the flowers and insects on the grounds. 






Full Refunds are given up to 72 hours before the day of the workshop.
½ refund will be given 24 hours before the workshop.

NO REFUND the day of the workshop if you cannot make it and have not called.

2016 workshop participant Gallery by Suzanne Clark


"Zack was informative, organized, energetic, and the information was useful and pertinent"

"Zack creates such a casual atmosphere which promotes an easy learning environment. I want to take this class again as with each of his classes..."

"You have a great wealth of knowledge and a desire to teach it." - workshop participant at Zack's "Studio on the Geaux"


"I was so impressed with Zack's innate ability to teach in a style that worked for me. He explained camera functions in analogies that made perfect sense to me. I had several One on One courses with Zack and it has taken my photography to a whole new level! "Carol Bailey, Digital 101 workshop participant
"I was fortunate to have a one on one session with Zack in the early stages of a portrait project I was working on.  His insight and critique was great and much needed to help realize the vision I had in my head.  The points he made were right on track and helped me correct a few key points I needed to work on before it was too late.  It was great to partner with Zack and his professional expertise, I would highly recommend a session." - Eric Nunez
"Zack is both a highly skilled and talented photographer and an excellent teacher. His teaching approach is thoughtful and organized, and his delivery is clear and enthusiastic. I appreciate that he is quick to understand and address my needs as a photography student. Zack is also helpful and encouraging in his comments" Diane Danthony, photographer and recent One on One Photography Training Participant.
"Zack is a great teacher with alot of knowledge and patience to answer anything you might throw at him. I gained knowledge about what it really entails to become a professional photographer. I learned everything from working with clients, setting up a website, even the importance of consistent edits and building your own brand and style" - Brent Asay