Zack Smith Photography Consultation and Training Program

TESTIMONIALS for ZACK SMITH Photography Consulting and Training

"I was so impressed with Zack's innate ability to teach in a style that worked for me. He explained camera functions in analogies that made perfect sense to me. I had several One on One courses with Zack and it has taken my photography to a whole new level! "Carol Bailey, Digital 101 workshop participant
"I was fortunate to have a one on one session with Zack in the early stages of a portrait project I was working on.  His insight and critique was great and much needed to help realize the vision I had in my head.  The points he made were right on track and helped me correct a few key points I needed to work on before it was too late.  It was great to partner with Zack and his professional expertise, I would highly recommend a session." - Eric Nunez
"Zack is both a highly skilled and talented photographer and an excellent teacher. His teaching approach is thoughtful and organized, and his delivery is clear and enthusiastic. I appreciate that he is quick to understand and address my needs as a photography student. Zack is also helpful and encouraging in his comments" Diane Danthony, photographer and recent One on One Photography Training Participant.

Photography Consulting and Training

Zack Smith Photography


I have been a photography instructor and mentor in the New Orleans area since 2002 and have always found the time to educate the community around me. I am constantly mentoring amateur and professional photographers locally and around the United States and I feel there are no secrets in creating stunning images and the brand around them. Once we unlock the ideas and refine the passion in each photographer we can reach new levels of visual storytelling and personal business growth.

If you want a better understanding of your digital camera, lightroom or photoshop editing workflow, backup storage, and even photography portfolio critique - I am here for you!

All Mentorships and Training is done Online through Google Hangouts, and screen share software so that Zack can diagnose your camera, editing, and computer issues and help you start working better and more creatively.

Once you fill out the forms and pay in full you will be contacted to setup your time!

All packages must be paid in full.

:15 Meeting - FREE - email

  • Diagnose where you are with your photography, what you like to shoot, what your short and long term goals are. Let me know how I can help develop your technical and creative photography with one of my Package Specials. 

  • We can schedule a phone call as soon as you are ready!

1hr consultation

  • Let me help you with a camera issue, client problem, or any type of workflow situation you can't seem to wrap your head around. I will help with with how to make adjustments on your Digital SLR, how to use specific tasks in Lightroom or Photoshop, and how to manage your workflow.

  • We can schedule a phone call as soon as you sign up. Once singed up we can start an email dialogue and then follow up with a phone call or video call.

One Hour Consultation
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Starter Package - $375

  •  prep consultation by phone

  • 4hrs Phone and Video Conference - can be split up in 1hr increments

  • I can help with learning your camera, lighting, and editing workflow. You name it!

One on One Starter Package
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8 Session Mentor Program - $675

  • 1hr Prep Consultation

  • 8 hours phone or email consultations

  • Topics Unlimited and open to Learning your DSLR, lighting, lightroom and photoshop. I can also critique and help you organize your work for submissions to grants, portfolio reviews and more!

8 Session Mentor Program
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Preparing your portfolio to present to a gallery, business, or potential client? I will view a physical or online body of work and give you my open and honest critique of your work and how it can improve based on your specific goals.


  • $150 1 hour in-person critique at 4514 Magazine St. to work with physical prints and portfolios

*additional travel fees may be added for on-location consulting and critiques

Portfolio Critique Zack Smith Photography

Let Zack's 20 years of knowledge in the business, fine art, and commercial photography world help you put together a portfolio that will help you win your next job, organize your fine art show, and more. Zack has experience as a gallery curator and exhibitor, studio owner, and his career as a widley collected fine art photographer speaks for itself. Let him help you on your next project!

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