Zack Smith Photography Mentorship and Training Program


Photography Mentorship and Training

Zack Smith Photography


I have been a photography instructor and mentor in the New Orleans area since 2002 and have always found the time to educate the community around me. I am constantly mentoring amateur and professional photographers locally and around the United States and I feel there are no secrets in creating stunning images and the brand around them. Once we unlock the ideas and refine the passion in each photographer we can reach new levels of visual storytelling and personal business growth.

:15 Meeting - FREE

  • Diagnose where you are with your photography, what you like to shoot, what your short and long term goals are. Let me know how I can help develop your technical and creative photograph with one of my Package Specials. 

  • We can schedule a phone call as soon as you are ready!

Starter Package - $375

  • 1hr prep consultation by phone

  • 3hrs Phone and Video Conference (out of town clients) OR 3 hrs in studio consultation at my New Orleans studio. (Starting Sept 1, 2017)

  • I can help with learning your camera, lighting, 

6 Month Mentor Program - $675

  • 1hr Prep Consultation

  • 8 hours phone or email consultation in :30 blocks

  • In NOLA? 5 1hr meetings at my studio or your studio/home

  • Topics Unlimited

1 Year Mentorship Program - $850

  • 1hr Prep Consultation, in person or phone/video

  • 25 hours Phone Consultation or Email Correspondence in :30 blocks

  • In NOLA? 10 - 1hr meetings at my studio or at your home

  • Topics Unlimited


Don’t live in New Orleans and want to take advantage of my mentoring program? Give me a call! Through Google Talk sessions I can view your work, website, and tackle any questions have on your portfolio, editing, or business related issues. I will also discuss and teach lighting techniques, cameras and gear questions as well as printing and exhibition queries. If answering questions by email, I will research your topics and questions and provide consultation by way of :15 minute blocks.



  • 4 hour blocks of time

  • used in :30 minute increments or 1hr via phone, email, or Google Talk / SKYPE

  • any topic you wish to discuss, emails will be sent before to prep

  • I can help with your photo shoots, portfolio critique and help troubleshoot client relations, copyright, and contract questions.


Learn your tools! Consultations are aimed at working amateur and professional photographers who would like to work smarter and more creative by understanding composition, lighting, and posing through my photography philosophies and in person training. Can be broken down in :30 blocks. I will use your gear, or bring my own!


  • $75/hr by phone/video

  • $100/hr in person at my studio in New Orleans

  • $110/hr on location in the New Orleans area 

Consultation topics include:

  • Lighting Techniques for portraits, event, and landscape

  • Editing and backup workflow for greater efficiency

  • Lightroom and Photoshop editing techniques

  • Camera and Lens 101: how to get the most out of your gear


Do you have a specific type of photography you want to get better at, but need some in-person training with your camera, gear, or editing? Then and Active Shooting Mentor session is in order! I will collaborate with you on what you want to get out of the meetings, then coordinate with you on How, Where, and When to GET THE SHOT!


  • FREE 1 hour phone call ( can be split up )

  • $200 per hour in person shooting, anywhere in New Orleans area

  • $125 per hour if buying ½ day session. Minimum 4 hours ($500)

  • $100 per hour if buying Full Day session. Max 8 hours ($800)

  • Custom Pricing available for Travel Sessions and Weekends


Preparing your portfolio to present to a gallery, business, or potential client? I will view a physical or online body of work and give you my open and honest critique of your work and how it can improve based on your specific goals.

  • $150 two hour phone critique (email conversation beforehand)

  • $200 two hour in-person critique at my home/studio

  • $250 two hour in-person critique at your location*

*additional travel fees may be added for on-location consulting and critiques