New Orleans Street Documentary Photography Workshop


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To truly photograph anything worth seeing we must know it intimately. To know any place with an intimate knowledge we must be ready to be open to being impartial, free, and able to listen with our hearts and see with an honest lens...

Zack Smith has been photographing New Orleans since the mid 1990's and has an intimate knowledge of the French Quarter and it's mood, it's light, and it's moments. After 4 years of trying to find the perfect moment for this workshop, Zack is excited to finally be able to offer a course on street photography photographing the city he loves and knows so well. 

Zack Smith Photography’s "New Orleans Street Documentary Workshop" will teach you how to tell the story of the street through it's architecture, people, music, and light as we observe and create in The French Quarter and historic French Market of New Orleans, Louisiana.

In this course we will discuss and photograph together the exciting elements of street documentary: establishing shots, visual storylines, candid portraits and engaging portraits, as well as close up detail scenes that help tell the complete story of our narrative.

Portrait of Oscar of New Orleans, jewelry maker in the French Market ©2017


In a special added component for this workshop we will offer each participant to submit their best images for inclusion in a juried fine art show where the winning photographs will be printed and hung in the New Orleans French Market. This workshop is like no other workshop Zack has ever taught and you will not find any photograph workshop of this caliber...anywhere!

We are truly honored to have this show judged by New Orleans fine art photographers Jennifer Shaw and Thom Bennett. Jennifer and Thom will bring their insight and creative critique to your work, showing you perspectives that you may have not seen to help you improve!

Thom Bennett's work has appeared in New Orleans Magazine, BIZ Magazine, New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, Restaurateur, ByFaith, Homes & Land, Kingfish, City Business, and Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, Thom is also a past President of the New Orleans Photo Alliance.

Jennifer Shaw’s photographs have been featured in B&W, American Photo, Shots, Light Leaks, The Sun, and Oxford American magazines, and online publications including NPR, Fraction Magazine, One One Thousand and Lenscratch. Her first monograph, Hurricane Story (Chin Music Press), was named a best photo book of 2011 by photo-eye and Brain Pickings. North Light Press published her second monograph, Nature/Nurture, in 2012. Shaw’s work is exhibited widely and held in collections, including the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Libby Hoffman works on a clay pot at the New Orleans French Market. One of many working artists we will photograph. ©Zack Smith Photography 2017

Libby Hoffman works on a clay pot at the New Orleans French Market. One of many working artists we will photograph. ©Zack Smith Photography 2017


We will be walking the New Orleans French Quarter and French Market observing and photographing vignettes of daily street life.

We will be walking and stopping to observe how the city and it's people interact and Zack will help you find your own unique story and angle on how to document this wonderful historic area.

We will spend most of our time in the French Market, an over 200 year old open air market, where will document vendors, shoppers, and tell the story of of one of America's oldest markets. 

Be prepared to walk 2-3 miles, but taking breaks often to talk with Zack and our on site assistants.






Coffee, Snacks and Lunch is provided for all participants. Water is available all day. 

Breaks will be taken at various French Quarter businesses.

Photography assistants are available with reflectors and strobes for added light if needed.


This street documentary workshop is designed for the emerging professional as well as serious photographer wanting to improve their knowledge of mixed light portraits and the gear used. We will work on “How to See Like the Camera”,“Perfecting Depth of Field", and "How to Approach Strangers and Make Friends”. 

Attendees are to know how to use their camera, as well as understand basic camera operation including setting f/stops and shutter speeds, and Zack will help you with how to apply those settings to our scenes. The workshop will provide all lighting gear, reflectors, and light modifiers for use by all participants. We will also have a knowledgeable support staff that will help you with any photography related questions you have.

Model: Jodi Ferniz - one 4'x4' diffuser used, one silver reflector..power of the sun!


• Digital SLR Camera 

If you have two bodies, bring both & instruction manual.

• Lenses***

Wide (14-24mm) and normal focal lengths 24mm, 35mm to Portrait Lenses: 85mm-200mm & a large aperture of 2.8 or 1.4 are always great! 

• Tripod
A solid tripod for portrait photography with a sturdy “quickplate” is recommended
• Shutter release cable 

With Intervalometer (Highly Recommended! – Google it!)

• Extra batteries

At least 1  

• Extra memory cards
•Speedlight/Strobe Questions
All questions answered as they arise

***See below for Great Lense Rentals (super wides, fish eyes!)  


ALL cancellations must be done within 15 days to receive a full refund. After this time you will receive 50% until 7 days before, and then no refund within 7 days. Please contact Zack Smith directly for all cancellations. 



We will serve continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Water and coffee will always be on hand. Fee includes juror fee for exhibit judging.


We have great relationships with local Air B&B and Bed and Breakfasts that offer discounts to participants in Zack Smith's workshops. Please email Zack for more info -



  • "Zack is clear, thorough, encouraging, and a well planned presenter"


  • " The workshop was actually not what I expected!  For only 5 hours, I expected just a quick run down of the gear you use and then a walk around the FQ with maybe 1-2 spots for a model.  You really jam packed that class with TONS of great info.  It could have been a full day or 2.  You went into great depth on the gear and flow of a shoot rather than photo basics, which is great for many photogs who know how to shoot but need to get pushed out the norm that they shoot" - Eric J Nunez, Photographer, New Orleans.



  • "Zack was informative, organized, energetic, and the information was useful and pertinent"

  • "I learned alot and i look forward to getting out to the French Quarter Fest this week"

  • "Zack creates such a casual atmosphere which promotes an easy learning environment. I want to take this class again as with each of his classes..."

  • "You have a great wealth of knowledge and a desire to teach it." - workshop participant at Zack's "Studio on the Geaux"