NOLA @ Night French Quarter and City Park


St. Louis Cathedral at Civil Twilight, seen from the overlook across Decatur St. in the New Orleans French Quarter. ©Zack Smith Photography

Horse and Carriage in the French Quarter. New Orleans, LA ©Zack Smith Photography


This hands-on photography workshop is the only class you will need to learn the ropes shooting the beautiful soft light of a Crescent City summer night! Long time New Orleans photographer and instructor Zack Smith will teach you how to get the most out of your camera wether you are a beginner or are an advanced shooter looking to gain more knowledge.

Zack has been teaching this exciting course for 14 years now and he guarantees to take you to the best locations while always offering a helping hand and creative suggestions along the way. 

We begin our workshop in the French Quarter for introductions and a colorful and informative Power Point Presentation filled with useful information and Zack's night photography galleries. We will get acquainted with our routes, gear, and will have time to answer any questions from participants. We will shoot first in the French Quarter, indulging in the fantastic and mysterious light from the alleys, clubs, and street life. After a short break we will rendezvous in City Park at the Morning Call coffee shop. Once there, we will feast our lenses and strobe light on the lush cradle of majestic oaks, old stone bridges, and nocturnal life only City Park has to offer!

Twilight touches the Quarter. ©Zack Smith Photography


In NOLA @ Night you will learn low light, twilight, and long exposure photography through the techniques and gear used. My goal is to teach you the "Steps to Success" in getting the highest quality images from your shoot that are suitable for web posting or printing.

You will learn all about Natural Light photography using tripods and hand held Strobe Photography!

St. Louis Cathedral at night. ©Zack Smith Photography



6pm-7pm - Intro and Lecture

7:30-9p - French Quarter Shooting

9:30p - Meet at Morning Call in City Park

9:30-11pm - City Park Shooting


You never know who we'll see in the French Quarter!


This class is open to all levels. Any persons with a Digital SLR can take this course and no prior knowledge of long exposure night photography is needed. 

Advanced photographers who have taken NOLA @ Night will enjoy familiar locations as well as many new ones!


"Dueling Oaks" at City Park! One of our favorite subjects! Photograph by NOLA @ Night participant Bryce Ell. ©Bryce Ell 2014

"Dueling Oaks" at City Park! One of our favorite subjects! Photograph by NOLA @ Night participant Bryce Ell. ©Bryce Ell 2014


You must bring your fully charged Digital SLR and any lens you want to shoot with. Wide angle lenses are great to have when shooting night time photography.

You must have a tripod and a cable release is recommended.

A small pen light is recommended to see your camera in some very dark areas.

This workshop requires walking from location to location so please pack accordingly and wear comfortable shoes!





Full Refunds are given up to 72 hours before the day of the workshop.
½ refund will be given 24 hours before the workshop.

NO REFUND the day of the workshop if you cannot make it and have not called.

Transportation & PARKING 

Each participant is responsible for their own transportation to and from the French Quarter and City Park. There is a good amount of walking in this workshop, come prepared!

Parking Options TBA

Zack will send out maps and gear checklists to all participants before the workshop!

NOLA @ Night Participant Gallery


"Zack is clear, thorough, encouraging, and a well planned presenter"

" The workshop was actually not what I expected!  For only 5 hours, I expected just a quick run down of the gear you use and then a walk around the FQ with maybe 1-2 spots for a model.  You really jam packed that class with TONS of great info.  It could have been a full day or 2.  You went into great depth on the gear and flow of a shoot rather than photo basics, which is great for many photogs who know how to shoot but need to get pushed out the norm that they shoot" - Eric J Nunez, Photographer, New Orleans

"Zack was informative, organized, energetic, and the information was useful and pertinent"

"I learned alot and i look forward to getting out to the French Quarter Fest this week"

"Zack creates such a casual atmosphere which promotes an easy learning environment. I want to take this class again as with each of his classes..."

"You have a great wealth of knowledge and a desire to teach it." - workshop participant at Zack's "Studio on the Geaux"